London - Materials Recovery Facility

veolia london Materials Recovery Facilities

Handling a range of materials for reprocessing in London

Our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and Plastic Recovery Facility (PRF) handle a range of materials including newspapers, magazines, cardboard, food and drinks cans and plastics. After these materials are separated they are bailed and sent on for reprocessing into new items.



We manage and operate a MRF in Greenwich under a contract with the London Borough of Greenwich. The facility can handle up to 75,000 tonnes per year of mixed dry recyclables. The MRF sorts cardboard, paper, steel and aluminium cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles and jars. Material is predominately from local authorities; however some material is from commercial premises.



We recently opened our first Plastic Recovery Facility in Rainham.

Our Rainham PRF is one of the UK's most technologically advanced recycling facilities. Veolia is committed to an investment programme which will further increase the quality of the end products.


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