Commercial Waste in London

Veolia is the business recycling and waste management partner that meets all of your recycling and waste needs in London.


What We Can Offer

Veolia offers a reliable, localised solution backed by excellent environmental credentials designed to benefit both your business and the planet.  We are able to ensure NONE of your business waste goes to landfill, and, with decades of experience , you won’t find a better service.


We operate across London helping improve the recycling rates of every sort of business, from the busiest hotels and restaurants in Westminster to to the quieter local grocer in Watford.  Whether you’re looking to increase your plastic and food recycling, or trial innovative solutions like coffee cup recycling, we have a solution.


Recycling with Veolia

Recycling as much of your waste as possible not only helps the planet but also saves your business a lot of money - it’s over 30% cheaper to recycle than it is to create general waste. We will work with your business to support employees to increase recycling and reduce your bills. Whether it’s paper, food or old electrical items, our expert advisers are on hand to ensure as much of your waste as possible is recycled.


Of course, not everything can be recycled but we can ensure that your non-recyclable waste will go to energy-recovery facilities to help power the national grid. None of your waste will go to landfill.


     We have increased all of our recycling streams with Veolia’s help and advice. Our account manager has provided excellent support via monthly reviews, staff training and continually updating us on new services, such as  coffee cup and cork recycling. We have a recycling rate of over 70% which is an amazing achievement. We anticipate working with Veolia for many years to come.    

Our Coffee Cup Recycling Service ensures your coffee cups are recycled, reducing waste to landfill and improving your green credentials.
We operate collection services ensuring the safe, reliable and legal disposal of your waste.

Reduce cost, divert waste from landfill and increase recycling rates through commercial dry mixed recycling.
Recycling your waste glass can boost your recycling rates, improves corporate reputation and avoid landfill disposal costs.
Segregating food waste increases recycling rates, reduces CO2 emissions and reduces waste to landfill.
Our secure shredding service will ensure you comply fully with all data privacy and protection regulations.

Confidential shredding and secure destruction